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Re: Minuta ticha.....Toledo
A N Lodygin (16.07.2020 07:36:14):
Proč minuta ticha? Je to přirozený vývoj.
K tomu je asi nejvýstižnější poslední komentář v onom vláknu:

Add it to the long list of the unintended consequences of the internet age,,

There was a time when going to the trade shows was how we got a first look at what new products were coming to market,, Now we have the forums or direct spam emails for that, not to mention company web sites,,

Times change, fewer and fewer vendors/companies want to spend the money to do these shows,,, without the swap shop bargain hunters,, attendance probably would be dismal

I guess I went to the last show,, 2019,, if it wasn't for meeting guys to buy and sell a couple planes,, I wouldn't have attended just to walk the show and see what I already had seen online.

K tomu asi není co dodávat. Doba je dneska prostě úplně jinde než dřív a těžko se tomu s rozvojem technologií divit.

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